Weight gains and losses, pregnancy and hormonal changes can lead to an abnormal growth of the mammary glands. Before doing a breast reduction surgery, it’s of outmost importance that patients younger than 35 have an ultrasound test made and in patients older than 40 a mammography exam before any procedure.

This procedure relives a large percentage of cervical and back pains that are caused be this condition as well as correcting posture that usually is affected by overweight in this area of the body. Mammary hypertrophy not only causes back pain but also can cause other complications such as excessive sweating in skin folds, wounds caused be bra friction and skin infections among others.

This surgery looks to reestablish the breast in its original position while reducing weight and volume, shaping it and making them esthetically correct. Depending on the level of hypertrophy the procedure will require ether a peri areolar scar or an inverted T shaped scar. Recovery for this procedure usually takes 15 days and a special permanent bra must be worn during this recovery period. Additionally, the patient should not lift heavy objects the next 30 days after having the procedure.