Out of all the procedures available in the abdominal area this one is performed to better the aesthetics of the abdominal region after pregnancy, dramatic weight changes or other surgical procedures that may affect this region of the body. The basis of this procedure is the tightening of the skin and abstraction of excess fat from the lower abdominal area. In order to leave no visible scars, the incisions are made in a horizontal manner below the bikini line.

This procedure is available for man and women alike, since it’s results are aesthetically pleasing for both genders and the procedure of tightening the abdominal muscles and reshaping of the belly button through skin tightening and fat removal from a horizontal oval shape to a vertical healthy look.

This procedure is performed with liposuction of the abdominal sides and back in order to achieve the best results possible. Patients fully recover after two weeks but they must attend to rehab therapy and wear a foam girdle so that the tissues recover and adhere properly.

In order for this procedure to work, patients must abstain from smoking 3 months previous to the surgery since nicotine and other substances acquired from cigarette consumption can delay the scaring and healing process.

This procedure is done in patients who have excess skin or stretch marks. The intervention is made through a 10 cm incision that frees the belly button while stretching the skin for a harmonious look that descends the belly button 2 cm. This procedure is usually performed in hand with abdominal and back liposculpture for better results. The results of this procedure are among the best but they do require future controls with the operating doctor to evaluate progress.

Weight gains and losses, pregnancy and hormonal changes can lead to an abnormal growth of the mammary glands. Before doing a breast reduction surgery, it’s of outmost importance that patients younger than 35 have an ultrasound test made and in patients older than 40 a mammography exam before any procedure.

This procedure is performed in patients whose excess skin or presence of stripes is minimal but required to correct the excess fat in the abdominal wall. It is performed through an incision about 10 cm and the navel makes a release to pull the skin and repositioning in a tense and harmonica, the navel is decreased approximately 2 cm, and usually takes place in conjunction with liposuction of abdomen back and back to get a better result. The results of this procedure are very appropriate, it is important to remain closely monitored by your doctor.

This procedure is aimed to removed localized fat deposits. The technique used include introducing a cannula of approximately 5 mm in diameter through an incision of the same size made in a non-visible area of the body.

This procedure is performed with a surgeon/gynecologist specialized on this types of treatments that gives equal importance to the functional and aesthetic aspect of the procedure. This is becoming one of the most common procedure and every aspect of the procedure must be discussed and evaluated during a meeting with both doctors.

There are many alterations that affect the shape and size of a mammary gland. Under development or asymmetric growth are some of the most common problems.

Within the spectrum of the abdominal procedures (also called Tummy Tuck, tummy tuck or abdominal flattening) is performed to improve the appearance of the abdominal wall which may be altered after pregnancy, significant weight changes, stretch marks or abdominal surgery which alter the appearance of the abdominal wall to keep it taut and smooth, removing excess fat infraumbilical area.