Dra. Marcela Sanchez Cirujana Plastica

Marcela Sanchez stands out thanks to her holistic view of the medical discipline, where she takes in to account in equal manner the esthetic, psychological, functional and reconstructive aspects when treating and evaluating a patient. Emphasizing on her patients well-being, she focuses her practice on maintaining an ethical, respectful and professional relationship with every individual she works with.

Marcela Sanchez obtained her medical degree from Universidad Javeriana of Bogota doing part of her studies overseas at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge UK. She proceeded to do a year of social work with the health department and the transplant network of Bogota. She studied maxillofacial surgery at San Rafaels Hospital under Dr. Tito Tulio Roa how became her mentor and great academic role model. She had the opportunity of travelling to Mexico where she trained with Dr. Jose Guerrero Santos and Rafael Vergara in Guadalajara and Dr. Fernando Ortiz Monasterio and Angel Papadopulos in the Federal District.

In 2003 she was part of the national contest of residential surgeons, where she was awarded first place. Next year she was Colombia’s envoy to the “Congreso Ibero Americano” of surgery that took place in Sevilla Spain. She’s worked at the “Fundacion Cardio Infantil” and “ Clinica Infantil Colsubsidio” where she was in charge of the breast reconstruction program for cancer.

She was part of a fellowship at the National Institute of Cancer on oncologic plastic surgery where she obtained a specialist title and had a special mention for outstanding academic performance. She is a plastic surgery professor at El Bosque University in the post graduate department as well as an instructor of the National Institute of Cancer where she spends most of her time doing oncological reconstruction of breast, thorax, and face. She is part of Colsanta´s doctors and has her own practice at Plus 127.

Fos Marcela Sanchez is of extreme importance to be up to date with current techniques and academic investigation in the medical field. She’s represented Colombia in various international congress as well as participating in various of them as a speaker. Always having in mind and keeping the best interest of future generations of surgeons in Colombia.